I am a French-based artist who works with various mediums such as photography, digital tools, serigraphy, and more. My artistic endeavors primarily follow two distinct paths: one focuses on creating fictional and fantastical imagery through the blending of different techniques and aesthetics, while the other delves into capturing the world as closely as possible as it is.

In my creative process, I don't view those two approaches as distinct entities; rather, they intertwine and complement each other. Each feeds into the other, enriching the outcome. Every fictive landscapes I create begins with a foundation laid by photographs I've captured or a collection thereof. Through a process of remixing and refining, I try to be as close as possible to what I I experienced when those photographs were taken, thus bridging the gap between reality and my imagination. I see those creations as immersive expériences that evolve through interaction and interpretation, they are a fusion of observation, emotion, and imagination.

On this platform, I exclusively showcase the fictional aspect of my artistic creations. My personal inspiration is drawn from various sources, including the aesthetics of vintage postcards (late 19th to early 20th century), the Yokohama shashin photographic style, ancient Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints.

My aim is to craft landscapes that feel tangible and believable. By amalgamating diverse aesthetics from different epochs, I generate images that blur the temporal boundaries between past and present. This approach prompts us to question our relationship with landscapes and territories by obscuring their temporal markers.

This website features my artworks and prints, all available for purchase in a single size and limited edition of 30 copies. Each Fine Art print is meticulously crafted on Hahnemühle Fine Art Rag William Turner 310 g/m² paper, signed, stamped, and numbered for authenticity.

Fee free to contact me for more informations, many thanks!