Why I choose a textured Fine Art Paper ?

Why I choose a textured Fine Art Paper ?

The choice of "support" is of central importance in the conception of the artwork as a whole. This "support" upon which the artwork materializes has its own constraints, which shape the work itself. Failing to consider the support before the creation process may ultimately lead to potential frustration regarding the final outcome; that is to say, its aesthetics, its experience... its purpose. It is crucial to find a support that aligns with the artwork, to serve its idea, its sensitivity.

From the outset, I conceived this work as a kind of bridge with painting, with its materiality, its texture. Therefore, I needed to find a paper that would allow me to reproduce this sense of relief, a paper that would ultimately bring these digital works to life. So, I chose a textured paper for this purpose, but one that would also allow me to make any necessary touch-ups or even direct modifications.

Another characteristic of this textured paper is its matte finish, without reflections, making it ideal for naturally highlighting color contrasts and different tones.


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