What's next ?

What's next ?

Having created a collection of fictional landscapes and printed them on a very specific textured Paper, I've decided to take the next step by exploring a more artisanal printing method: screen printing, also known as serigraphy. This technique offers me a certain unpredictability that adds an element of spontaneity, often referred to in the art world as an 'accident.' These 'accidents' are moments beyond control, which can unexpectedly lead to new creative avenues.

My approach to screen printing deliberately embraces this lack of complete control. Unlike a professional screen printer who can replicate identical prints with precision, I intentionally avoid mastering the process. What might be deemed a disaster in a professional printing environment is precisely what I seek to achieve: exclusive and one-of-a-kind prints. In this sense, I view screen printing not merely as a reproduction method but as a medium in itself, particularly when combined with my unconventional skills.

By waiting, feel free to discover my Artworks printed on Fine Art paper!


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