How I create my Fictionnal Landscapes ?

How I create my Fictionnal Landscapes ?

"What counts is what we do, not what we receive. From an aesthetic standpoint, the essential thing is our own mental activity, that which consists in departing, traveling, and returning to a certain point, preserving the past [...]". J. Dewey

All my creations stem from a journey, from wandering, from a place where I choose to stop to capture it in a photo. At this moment, I seek nothing but the capacity to enjoy capturing a moment, a light, shapes. There is no other objective than that of the image, of a single image. Creating an image, without purpose, without necessary connection to the preceding one, or likely to the next. I do not work serially at first intention. It's only afterward that the very idea of the materiality of the series takes shape.

Then, I allow a period of fermentation of this work to settle in, more or less lengthy. It's only after several months that I revisit it, rediscover it, and the idea of series takes shape. For me, the construction of this work in series is essential as it gives a non-accidental character to my work, indicating that it's not solely the result of instinct.

On the technical side, I work almost exclusively with a photographic camera. Then, the created images are digitally remixed to bring out images closest to what I felt at the moment of shooting, or the memory I have of that moment. I like the idea of a back-and-forth between past and present, between what one thinks one felt and what one objectively feels at the moment of creation.

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